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You are welcome anywhere on the forums, but there is a wow category. Its under PC, Wow. At a later date, it may be moved to the main page, but for now, see there.


 New Forums Features

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PostSubject: New Forums Features   New Forums Features Icon_minitimeSun Aug 22, 2010 5:42 pm

New features today!

Ever wondered what games a member plays? Now head to your profile and see two nice options : bKq6hO
What happens now?!? They show up on your posts. Look, right under my Avatar :
This also means going back and editing any N/A you had in PSN, Live or Xfire

With this new, more social approach, I decided to do some work on your profile itself. Most of you dont know what it is, I am sure, so check it out now
My Profile - (note clicking the profile button allows you to edit it, but to view your own click see my profile.
So there is new stuff to see : cAaUuh b6HNPi cTHklk

So I can see you grasp the profile system, Everyone update your games, browse some profiles, and leave a message on my profile.
I can add more fields, and remove boring ones, so just tell me.

New Forums Features Untitl10
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New Forums Features
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