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Knights of Valar

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 Mission Statement

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PostSubject: Mission Statement   Mission Statement Icon_minitimeWed Sep 01, 2010 9:31 pm

The Knights of Valar
A friend and I had the idea to level new alts in Cataclysm (really, who hasn't) and decided to start a guild to dedicate to it.
We would love to build the roster before Cata, to stock our banks and have a wide variety of players come launch. Currently have 3 tabs and gear.
To have people in all zones questing when Cata launches. We want our guild members to be able to level together, in constant groups or just calling out for a hard quest, and to help other players who may need help.
We would also like to have a raid team progressing though the new content, but the primary goal is leveling by questing.
We are planning on using heirlooms, but would like to have a group not using them to stay with any to to the game players we may pick up.

Any questions, mail me in game or drop by our (admittedly) developing WoW section of our site.
Open to all races, but we expect a high number of Goblins. If you like the idea and your on a different server or faction, feel free to stop by anyways and we can talk about it.

Make a new thread with questions.

Mission Statement Untitl10
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Mission Statement
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